MYSTIC LODGE is a continuously evolving boutique hotel experience located in the charmingly bucolic town of Bovina, NY- Catskills Mountains. 

Our first offering is Blue Jay Tipi, located on our five acre property set in a rolling valley, one mile east of town. The tipi comes fully equipped for maximum comfort and coziness, relaxation and contemplation. A wood burning stove and ample supply of split firewood, locally produced wool blankets, candles, sage, queen sized bed, axe and hatchet, headlamp, towels... 

A hand built outhouse made with lumber from our "3rd Grandpa" Dick Liddle's sawmill will satisfy your bathroom needs. Included is a composting toilet and hand washing station with towels and a mirror, for all applications. Guests also have access to our outdoor shower with both hot and cold valves. 

Upon guest request we also have the Snorkel Tub, which is a wood-fired cedar hot tub, available for guest use during your stay. We ask an additional fee of $50 for use of the tub, as it takes us 6-7 hours to prepare the fully heated tub. Tub service includes; drained, scrubbed clean, freshly refilled, fire stoked raging hot tub experience- we will also maintain the fire during your stay so that you may use it as many times as you like during your stay. Purchase use of the Tub in the shop.

We are also in the process of building Mystic Lodge Mercantile which will be our storefront on the property, housed with amazing locally sourced goods and wares, as well as a collection of gems from some of our favorite artisans from around the world. 

Stay posted for developments. Instagram @Mystic_lodge #mysticlodge