Part 1


“Travelers who pass through the “portals of sleep” arrive in a wondrous land where crystal palaces gleam, enchanting music plays, and they are endowed with wizardlike power to solve the vexatious riddles that were unsolvable in their limited waking world.” –Robert L. Van de Castle, Our Dreaming Mind


“”Dream sweet dreams for me, Dream sweet dreams for you…” –Ringo, White Album II


            I have long been deeply intrigued and fascinated by the possibilities and more profound meanings that dreams play in our world, culture and, ultimately, human history. The excitement and freedom one gains in Dreamland is astonishing and deserves serious contemplation. Gravity can come and go or be non existent altogether, one can find themselves deep in the ocean swimming with Prometheus and have no need for oxygen, the linear model of time we follow in our waking life has no relevance, conversations and dinner parties with deceased members of our society happen regularly.  Great technologies, advancements in thought and science, music, all forms of art –all life, is influenced and enhanced greatly from our dreams.

I recall Paul McCartney saying in a interview something to the effect that,

I woke up with this melody and lyric in my head, sat down at the piano and it was the song “Yesterday.I cannot take credit for the writing of the song; it was there and came from somewhere else.  

How many discoveries or “breakthroughs” throughout history share in this dreamtime enlightenment? What is this veil that we so graciously pass through every time we drift to sleep? 

Many great minds throughout history have perplexed over which is more real, waking or dreaming life?


Indeed it is a wonderful euphoric feeling to have all of the constraints of our present third dimensional, societal, religious… reality lifted and to render those limitations obsolete.  In Dreamland we are truly free, free from even death.


I would now like to recount some of my most fascinating personal odysseys into Dreamland and the profound life changing elementals received.


Aliens/Advanced Technologies- Whitey and Lisa’s Wedding

(2006- South Dakota)

In this recounting I will also give a synopsis of the technologies that existed historically at this time, keep in mind I will be speaking only of the technologies that existed, or were available, for the general public in most western societies. It seems incredibly likely to me that organizations exist (governments, technology companies, etc.) which have sufficiently advanced technologies that are not shared with the general public. Remember knowledge is Power, and as author Arthur C. Clark so eloquently wrote,

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Magic.”


Indeed, think if you were to go back in time to 1915, only a short one hundred years ago, and tell anyone you saw that you possessed a device that enabled you to communicate with nearly anyone on the planet, you could speak to them and see their face in  (almost) real time, the device also connected you to a database (the Internet) that contained nearly all of the information in the world, you could send a letter and have it delivered in seconds verses months depending upon where the recipient lived, you could look at anyplace on the world and clearly see the details of said place (satellites/Google Earth), and the list goes on and on. The majority of the population would not have believed you, thought you mad, and if took this “radical idea” back another 223 years prior to the Massachusetts area you would most likely have been burned at the stake, far out man.


That brings up another good point which is that technological breakthroughs are accelerating at a pace never before achieved, seemingly following the mathematical formula of Exponential Increase (Growth).  Are other elements of Human society also following this exponential curve as well? Logic, Physics, the Sciences, Human Intelligence, lets touch more on this later.



In the summer of 2006 my dear friends whitey and Lisa were married in South Dakota, it was a beautiful wedding and a gorgeous day. We danced, had a great time and stayed out late. I made my way home to go to sleep; this was the day and night of my waking life. In the dream I was walking home from their wedding reception after the night had ended, so it was a dream of what I had actually just experienced.

In the dream I was near my house and it was nearing sunrise, the sky had this beautiful amethyst overtone and I stopped to admire the sky and await the first glimpse of the Sun. As I was sky gazing I noticed a big black fractal shape high up in the sky, and it made me laugh because it was completely nonsensical and unaccounted for as far as anything goes. I was deeply curious and excited, what could it mean?!! As I observed the fractal shape in the sky I noticed that it was growing larger or getting closer to me, decreasing in elevation. My description of a fractal would be a circle with smaller circles attached to the sides, and smaller circles attached to those, and so on forever and ever if you zoom in on it or pull back, they are a never ending pattern described as infinitely complex, with vivid colors and undulations.

This is what I was observing, brilliant colors of all varieties flew around the blackness of the circles and as I continued watching, in complete fascination, the circles took on a complex geometric formation reminiscent of some crop circle formations I have seen. Some were larger (closer to Earth), some smaller (higher elevation) and some smaller still, and smaller than those. It was a beautiful formation and deeply exciting, as I was experiencing something unknown or never before documented to my knowledge. They were all coming closer in a masterfully orchestrated swirling geometric descent and I realized that I was actually watching extra-terrestrial spaceships descending in my neighborhood nearly a city block from my house. I was in sheer delight, I was laughing and tears were streaming down my cheeks, I looked over and saw a family standing in their driveway- it was now morning time, the sun had rose,

“Look up in the sky! Alien spaceships!” I shouted to them emphatically.

There was a mother and father, a young daughter about six years old, and an elderly grandmother. The grandmother looked up and with a funny look of astonishment she fainted, laying on the grass with a bewildered smile upon her face.

By this point all of the ships were close enough for me to notice strange hieroglyphic inscriptions on the underside of the metallic discs, still brilliant psychedelic colors cascaded from around the ships, then as they hovered still, frozen in their profound and hyper intelligent formation they shot off in all different directions and were at once, in an instant- gone.

Amazing! Awe inspiring, profound, mind-boggling and mind enhancing all the same.

What was left was a singular super computer.

The computer is reminiscent of today’s iPad or a modern tablet, no mouse, no keyboard- I, at once, realized that I knew how to operate the computer. It interacted with one’s mind and intention through the use of hands, fingers, and thought.

There was a star chart floating on the screen, with the use of my hands and intention I pulled the chart off of the screen and up into the air, I expanded the solar system to where all of the planets were floating above us in magnificent grandeur. The entire 360-degree world of ours could be used to open and view “windows” in what I can best describe as a hyper advanced hologram of sorts, though significantly greater resolution and clarity than anything we could conceive at present. I was zooming in on planets to a point in which you could observe wild animals grazing in the tall prairie grasses and an indicator was hovering above what I assume to be the extra-terrestrials home planet. I observed their star system to great length, though unfortunately many of the details elude my memory at present.

*(This is but one among a number of experiences I wish to gain more clarity upon through the use of regressive hypnotherapy, also more on this later.)

The dream was so incredible and I recall waking up in my bed sitting in an upright position still moving my hands as if I were manipulating the computer as I had just been in my dream. The voyage from Dream to waking life was instantaneous and I was not at all tired when I awoke but instead super energized. I though of this as a sign and I grabbed my video camera and went to the nearest parking ramp to observe the night sky- as now, in waking life, the time about 4:30 a.m. was about the time the dream started where I was walking home after the wedding celebrations.

Sitting atop the parking ramp I did eventually notice a glowing light very, very high up in the night sky, what indicated to me something out of the ordinary satellite movements, was that the light moved in specific non-natural formations, first it moved making the shape of a square, then a circle, then a triangle. It repeated this pattern for a while and I desperately tried to film its movements but was unable to focus on the ever so small light amongst the growing brightness of the early morning sky. 

I recounted this dream to an artist I met in Joshua Tree, CA while attending the Contact in the Desert workshop in the summer of 2014. He was working on painting a mural for someone and felt he had reached a point in which his creative direction had plateaued, he loved it and said to me,

“This is exactly what I’ve been trying to conceptualize and bring to life in the mural!”

If I can find his contact information I will do my best to get a picture of his interpretation of my dream :)