Part II

The Emerald Pyramid- A Lucid Dream

(2005- Northern California)

*Please note this chapter includes some homework and mental exercises for the reader. Document your results and experiences and then relay them to me for a study I am currently involved with.


While living in the Redwood Forest of Northern California I met a young man who said he had personally trained with a lucid dreaming master. This fascinated and intrigued me greatly because over the course of my life I had had many lucid dreams beginning at a very young age. As an interesting aside my Mother would sometimes find me asleep in the lotus position in the middle of the night and I could not be awakened, she eventually just found it interesting and didn’t attempt to awaken or reposition me into classic sleeping postures.

In my lucid dreams I could fly over the mountains and feel the wind on all the hairs of my body, the tears that my eyes would produce to keep them moist against the force of the wind would stream across my cheeks, the feeling so real, as real as any waking experience. I’ve taken deep oceanic explorations without need of oxygen tanks or pressurizing systems, visited past times in history, had deep philosophical conversations with John Lennon and Bob Marley- to name a few. 

The question is, if these experiences feel as real as a waking life experience, are they? This also correlates with psychedelic experiences or other heightened states of awareness, if an experience is had or a feeling felt or a wisdom or teaching attained, it is contained only within the mind of the individual- a personal treasure, as there is not a tangible artifact that can be brought back into this realm from the astral or multidimensional realm the traveler travels, at least to my current knowledge, but that does not mean that the experience was not experienced.

To become lucid in a dreaming state one must become aware of the fact that they are in fact dreaming and not in the physical reality we commonly inhabit, there is a very exciting and special feeling experienced, as if one were granted access into an infinite magical timeless realm where the only limitation was one’s imagination.

Guaranteed humanity has been shaped and altered due to knowledge’s attained in these other realms and states, or levels, of consciousness. 


If we focus, calibrate and train our minds to search for this feeling in Dreamland, to notice the clues, what could be learned is nothing less than the unlocking of the workings and nature of the universe.


Dream on Dreamers, quest, explore, ask, learn, experience.


Jason, the young man who had trained with the lucid dreaming master, and I recounted our tales of astral travels reveling in the majesty of the infinite, sharing and expounding upon the techniques we used to “go lucid”. He taught me a technique that I had never before heard of or had ever read about, a technique that one could utilize to create a “dimensional vortex,” once this vortex had been created wherever or whenever you thought of you would be transported there.

This is where a very interesting correlation is created between lucid dreaming and the first movement in the yogic cycle known as the Five Tibetan Rites, more on this to follow.

So, once you are able to become lucid in a dreaming state, that is you know you are dreaming and remain dreaming, and do not wake up, the technique to create the dimensional vortex is this- put your arms straight out like a letter “T” and begin to spin clockwise in a circular motion. Everything will become a blur of colors and you will not be dizzy, now focus your intention on where or when you would like to go, keep in mind this is only limited by your imagination or state of mental development- perhaps you would like to visit Olympus Mons on Mars, the largest known volcano in our solar system, or perhaps you would like to study the vegetation and wildlife of our own planet during the Jurassic period- really, it’s endless. Once you stop spinning there you are, or at least a close approximation of your intention, this technique requires a lot of practice, as does lucid dreaming to begin with, perhaps this should be classified as an advanced technique.

Imagine my excitement when I learned of this technique! I immediately began thinking of this and developed a visualization meditation that I employed daily, and after some time I had this dream…


It was a clear moonlit night and I was in the forest, presumably of the Pacific Northwest, wandering around observing the plants and trees when I felt the presence of an attacker. I started to run and the man followed, I knew his intent was to murder me; I came upon a clearing in the forest and observed a large wooden tower in the distance. I thought that if I climbed the tower I would be able to see when the man emerged from the forest and if he did not then I would be safe. As I climbed higher and higher I realized that it was a trap, if the man emerged from the forest he would get to the base of the tower before I could climb back down, I was trapped- then I had this thought, wait a minute, could this just be a dream, I’m not being pursued by a murderer in the forest alone in the middle of the night… and with that thought came the feeling I know so well, the feeling of being in a dream! With that knowledge, or moreover with the recognition of the feeling, I was now lucid, free in Dreamland to do whatever, to explore the vastness of what IS.

I jumped out of the tower and began to fly around, it is one of my favorite things to do while lucid, the feeling is incredible and exhilarating, truly breathtaking. As I was flying around I remembered the Dimensional Vortex technique, I was super pumped to try it, I floated down to the pasture and began with the spinning. As described everything became a psychedelic blur of colors and then it was if I had observed another part of myself having the thought- Pyramids.

Pyramids! Ahhh, I love the pyramids!




I stopped spinning and found myself in a wondrous world, deep within a rain forest, arms grappled around some massive vines- I was descending a very steep slope, and then I saw it, the most amazing thing that I have ever seen!

The Emerald Pyramid- green emerald.

This was unlike any pyramid we know of on Earth, it gleamed and shone in the sunlight, it was completely smooth, if made by blocks no lines could be observed, perhaps it was one singular piece and the edges were razor sharp, it stretched so high into the sky that the peak was obscured by clouds. I could not fathom the intelligence that had created this awe-inspiring structure, this immaculate piece of artistry. You cannot grasp the largeness or monumental scope I am trying to convey.

My mind was blown; I can do no justice in explaining my feeling or what I was witnessing, I was literally frozen in amazement, my mind reeling in hyper-speed.

I puzzled over a few key questions.

1)   Who had created this? The intelligence, technology and artistry required to build something like this does not exist on Earth, and they way the structure cohabitated with nature was equally astounding.

2)   Could this be on Earth but perhaps in another time, either past or future? Or was I on another planet somewhere in the universe?

3)   While in the dimensional portal when I thought of, or observed some part of myself think of, pyramids- why was I brought to this one, neither which human civilization nor I have any knowledge of?


I felt as if the beings that had created this pyramid lived within the massive structure, for it was large enough to house a small civilization. I also felt that they wanted me to see and experience it. I had the feeling that I was in the Amazon jungle or at least that would be the closest Earth comparative, was I even on Earth and if so when in time?

Does this Pyramid exist upon Earth, should I mount a quest deep into the Amazon in search of this pyramid, could it be one of the famed cities of legend that supposedly exists deep within this mostly uncharted land?

Perhaps it was one of the pyramids of the continent of Atlantis, which may be deep within the ocean somewhere, maybe military submarines have knowledge of this pyramid and its location, or it could be on another planet all together, or quite possibly I just imagined, or dreamed the whole thing up and it doesn’t exist at all- or does it? A deeply puzzling question is birthed herein, what is real and what is not?

Did I actually traverse space and time, did I travel to another time or planet in my lucid or astral state and if so what does that mean for scientific exploration of the universe? Or did I only create it in my mind?

If the latter is true I am completely, and forever, astonished by my imaginative capabilities- though I feel I cannot take credit for what I experienced or saw. It was so far advanced from anything we know about architecture and design that it seemed wholly extraterrestrial.


Let us now consider the Atlantis possibility.

Atlantis, the famed island continent, home to an advanced civilization that once inhabited the Earth, which was destroyed either by the historically proven Great Flood referenced in many religions and oral traditions the world over or, which, according to the theory promulgated by Riley Martin (author, The coming of Tan, copyright 1995), was intentionally destroyed by its own inhabitants.

If the legends of the civilization of Atlantis are true only be two, maybe three, logical conclusions can be drawn. One, either a sufficiently advanced human civilization existed upon Earth in the distant past for which we have no public record, meaning the knowledge may exist but not be readily available to the general population of the world, bear in mind many great libraries and museums have been destroyed or looted throughout modern human history, (the reader is advised to research, for instance, the Ancient Library of Alexandria-Egyptian, burned down, or the National Museum of Iraq which housed the original stone tablets dictating the story of Gilgamesh- looted during the war in Iraq/war on terror) ultimately resulting in an incredible amount of priceless ancient texts and artifacts being stolen or lost forever, or were they?

Surely, texts and documentations of our past still exist upon this Earth, though are most likely guarded and hidden from the general public.

Remember that knowledge is power, and if our true history, heritage, birthright and capabilities are kept from us we are much easier to control and subjugate to modern forms of slavery.

(*See future chapter Debt Slavery and the Illusion of Freedom, also please refer to The Crisis of Democracy, prepared for the trilateral Commission, copyright 1975, for additional insight on this matter.)


Another conclusion is that, two (or three), the inhabitants of Atlantis were in fact either extraterrestrials or perhaps time-travelers or multi-dimensional beings who built a great civilization upon our Earth in ancient times and ultimately influenced modern human societies. This theory may be a little bit more challenging for some to swallow though if you are to look into the evidence available you will discover a wealth of information to further this possibility. For example, countless stories in written and oral traditions, the world over, of beings from the sky coming down to teach humans such skills as mathematics, animal husbandry, farming, science, astronomy, writing, etc. Quetzalcoatl is a good example of one of these beings; indeed throughout the world many, many examples like this exist in ancient texts and scriptures. Not to mention the physical evidence that exists all over our Earth, there are areas in India where the desert sand has been melted into a large sheet of glass, the requisite heat required to do so would be achieved, for instance, by the detonation of an atomic bomb or its comparative, and you will find written evidence of wars with Deities utilizing “Fire Weapons, Water Weapons, Wind Weapons”, wars that took lace thousands of years ago, in ancient Indian texts. More will be discussed and further detailed in following chapters; it is all there for us if we have the curiosity and courageousness to ask the deeper questions.


So consider this, once upon a time, on a continent named Atlantis, existed a civilization more advanced than our present one, it was the greatest civilization on Earth, and at that time the only true civilization, as humans were still mostly non-localized hunter-gatherers. It was from this island, which had no human inhabitants, that these great teachers went out and formed the first great dynasties of modern human civilization.



Reader’s Homework

1)   Read The Crisis of Democracy, available as a downloadable pdf online.

2)   If you already able to Lucid Dream try the Dimensional Vortex technique described in this chapter and document your results. If you are not currently able to Lucid Dream or aren’t sure if you are research the topic and begin trying, also document your results.

3)   Start a Dream Journal and nightly document your dreams, then analyze them and look for meaning.

4)   Consider, ponder and write down how you would describe a sunset to a blind person, and really think about how you would try to articulate colors to someone who has never seen a color.

5)   Listen to the song Atlantis by Donovan, then listen to it a few more times.

6)   Obtain a copy of The Coming of Tan by Riley Martin and read it, document your thoughts and feelings in a journal for later research.

7) Have someone take photo(s) of you while you're asleep to add to your dream documents, be sure they notate the date and time for proper sorting/correlation with a particular dream if possible.